NARI Coconut Wax Melts

Rs. 395.00

An ideal alternative to bathe your home with our luxury home scents within minutes. Our vegan wax melts can be used in any room or space desired, just pop a cube on an oil diffuser, light a tealight and allow the fragrance to slowly unfold. Perfect to use while entertaining, or even after a long day to unwind and relax.

Each box contains:

  • 6 wax melt cubes - net weight 60 grams using the finest ingredients | vegan & natural
  • Information card with directions to use, how to clean and dispose

    Directions to use and clean

    Scent Description: Citrus / Earthy

    Nari - Neroli, Orange, Cedarwood | Coconut wax

    Our other scent options to choose from are: 

    Amara | Woody - Cedarwood, Patchouli, Frankincense, Vanilla

    Raga | Floral - Lotus, Musk, Cassia, Patchouli

    Taras | Herbal - Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood

    Lila | Fresh / Floral - Lavender, Lime, Mandarin, Vanilla




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    Usage and Directions

    • Place a wax melt cube on the top cavity of the diffuser and light a candle under (Do NOT add water)
    • Within minutes the wax cube will melt and the oils infused in the wax will start to diffuse
    • Ensure to place a coaster or a heat-protective plate under the diffuser
    • Keep away from children and pets
    • Each cube lasts approximately 4-5 hours when used with an appropriate burner. The smaller the diffuser, the quicker it will burn out as the heat from the tealight will diffuse the oils faster

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