EIRA (Ih-RAH) in Sanskrit means ‘earth’. Beyond being just a name, EIRA embodies our very ethos – creating luxury candles that are designed in an ethically responsible manner, using materials and practices that are good for the earth and her people.  EIRA is a culmination of our passion for crafting candles that combine elements of luxury with true utility and the purpose to bring aromatherapy and its healing powers into your home.


The first of its kind in India, EIRA was born out of the quest for a sustainable luxury candle house in the country. The founder, Karishma Singh, has always been intrigued by the potential that candles possess to transform and renew the ambiance of any space.

Passionate to design a candle with clean, local ingredients, she spent time researching each facet of the candle-making process, performing many tests to find the perfect fusion of materials and aromas.

Thus, EIRA came to life; a perfect meeting point between leisure and thoughtful living. 


EIRA embodies the amalgamation of sustainability and luxury. We believe that luxury can and must be conscious. With our transparent and thoughtful supply chain, we not only care for the environment, but also for artisans and local communities. Each element of every candle is sourced responsibly and locally. We made the conscious decision to use mouth-blown glass, vegan wax, cotton core wicks and natural essential oils and all our packaging is recycled and FSC certified making each candle a non-toxic, ethical choice. 

When you choose EIRA, you choose sustainable, deliberate and conscientious self-care. 


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