Our essential oils are sourced from verified suppliers who stand by the quality and assure that the composition of oils is to its truest and most organic forms.

The identical oils in the list below are a toxin-free and phthalate-free form of isolated components from their organic source and mixed to form natural fragrance oils.


CEDARWOOD  Improve cerebral activity, enhance concentration, ease tension  INDIA 
LAVENDER  Treats anxiety, depression, insomnia and promotes relaxation INDIA 
CASSIA Anti-depressant CHINA 
LEMONGRASS Heighten awareness, insect repellent, relieves stress INDIA 
EUCALYPTUS  Boosts mental clarity, stimulates immune system, natural disinfectant INDIA 
LIME  Reduces stress, air purifier, Mood uplifter   INDIA 
MANDARIN  Relieves anxiety and restlessness, fights insomnia  ITALY 
ORANGE Reduces anxiety and depression BRAZIL
PATCHOULI  Relieves tension and stress  INDIA 
NEROLI  Aids in the release of serotonin, natural air purifier, promotes good sleep  INDIA 
FRANKINCENSE  Promotes relaxation, peace and overall wellness INDIA 
LOTUS  Improves concentration, cools nervous system  INDIA
MUSK Relaxing and calming effect that soothes the mind INDIA
VANILLA Reduces depression, boosts libido INDIA
SANDALWOOD  Relieves nervous tension, Anti-depressant, fights insomnia  INDIA