EIRA’s ethos at its core is based on building a brand that is ethically responsible from sourcing our raw materials to our operational practices. We aim to maintain transparency with our patrons and ensure toxin-free and premium quality candles that are sure to stir magic in your homes.


We sought a wax that not only performed well in aromatherapy but one that had a clean nontoxic burn and was environmentally friendly to develop. After spending months testing different waxes we narrowed in on using coconut wax or soy wax for our candles as unlike paraffin wax, it is free of harmful parabens and it led to a beautiful slow burn. These waxes in general, are very soft in nature and are usually blended with vegetable oil to increase their melt point. Our coconut wax is a blend made from hydrogenating refined coconut oil with natural vegetable oils to create the creamy white compound that aids excellent scent throw whilst being responsibly produced whereas our soy wax comes from verified suppliers that ensure their product is 100% organic quality.


Our candles are made with a blend of pure essential oils and natural phthalate-free fragrance oils. It was important for us to source good quality natural and organic oils to ensure that your candles are free of toxins. We took care to research and understand the purpose and functionality of each oil that goes into our candles. We have thus developed fragrances with a wide variety of notes that benefit in mood elevation and stimulation whilst transporting you into a world of still serenity. Do refer to the Oil Appendix for further information.


Sourced from the glass city of India – Firozabad, we work with skilled artisans who create our custom-made glass jars through the ancient technique of mouth blowing. The technique of mouth blown glass results in no two jars being identical embracing the imperfections of the art and creating a sense of unique diversity. Non-toxic dyes are integrated whilst melting silica, lime and soda and heated in furnaces up to 1200°c which are then shaped, ground down, and polished to create the final finish of immaculate glassware. Our glass jars are designed for reuse and repurpose with the promise of it not fading away with use, unlike regular spray-dyed candle jars.


This is a very integral component of the candle because the flame of the candle dictates how fast or slow your candle will burn and the fragrance throw of the oils blended with the candles. For the perfect wick to our blends, we use only organic cotton weaved wicks with absolutely no traces of lead or zinc cores. Primed with vegetable wax to aid in an even burn, our wicks are thicker than what is commonly used in order to achieve a steady burn. We thus, look at our cotton core wicks as the true hero who ties all components of our candles together. 


Our candles are created mindfully, hand-poured in small batches of 6 or 8 to maintain standard temperatures while pouring. Our operation practices at EIRA include nine carefully thought-out steps that span by two days to ensure that each candle is given optimal time to be prepped and poured to perfection. They are then placed aside to cure for approximately five to seven days for the wax and oils to bind well together.